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Howard Young Correctional Facility

The project single prime job entailed the replacement of the existing Cleaver Brooks flex tube boiler, heating hot water pumps, expansion tanks, and accessories in the correctional facility’s mechanical room.

The plumbing, HVAC, electrical power, and lighting systems were altered or replaced while keeping the existing system in operation until ready for changeover to the new system.

Project Owner

The State of Delaware Department of Labor

Delaware Youth & Family Center

The project included the replacement of a closed circuit cooler and associated system components outside the Main Administrative Office Building of the Delaware Youth & Family Center located in Wilmington, Delaware. This single prime contract included Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC components.

Project Owner

State of Delaware

Natatorium HVAC Replacement

The scope of this project included furnishing and installing indoor swimming pool heat pump dehumidification system on top of the Township’s Community Center. The system included compressors, evaporator coils, air control dampers, pool water condensers, return and supply air fans, logic control system, and wiring. Existing units were disconnected and removed. New units were installed and all mechanical connections made. The units were started and tested. Training of owner personnel was completed.

Project Owner

Plymouth Township

Geothermal HVAC Equipment

The scope of this project consisted of the removal and disposal of air‐conditioning units and the installation of four geothermal heat pumps located in the Township building. Heat pumps included commercial programmable thermostats. The work included all required wiring, cables and valves to properly connect new units to existing system and ducts. GEM also provided all pump testing.

Project Owner

Upper Providence Township

5101 Birney Highway
Aston, PA 19014

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