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About Us

We started as a small home‐based business and continued to grow. Our current 3.3-acre parcel provides an office, pipe fabrication shop, and warehouse. We are located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Our company provides complete plumbing & mechanical services for a wide range of industries including Government, Higher Education, K through 12 Education, Commercial and Local Municipalities. Since we opened, our focus has been quality workmanship and client satisfaction. Our reputation was earned through hard work, successful project completions and years of satisfied customers. In fact, the foundation of our business is a commitment to getting each job done right!

After over two decades in the business, GEM Mechanical Services’ solid foundation and continued success is a testament to our processes, our performance, and our team. We invest in the best technology, equipment and personnel to plan and execute each HVAC and piping project.

We are guided by the following beliefs

To maintain our commitment to our customers

Hard Work

We believe in HARD WORK and striving to be the best in whatever undertaking we embark. We believe that constant hard work and staying connected to the front line ‐‐ “pays off”.


We believe in PLANNING from pre‐construction meetings, detailed scheduling and complete job coordination through job completion.

New Tech

We believe that in order to stay ahead of our competition, we must embrace TECHNOLOGY and continue to INVEST in our equipment and our team.

Skilled Team

We believe in our TEAM by giving them the tools they need to succeed and the training to successfully master any job in the safest way possible.

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