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  • Scannell Readiness Center - Boiler Replacement

    The scope of this project included removing and replacing the existing heating plant and associated pumps, valves, meters, electrical service and piping within the boiler...

  • Ziegler’s Farm Miscellaneous Mechanical Piping

    As a subcontractor, GEM installed and modified high pressure process steam piping at the Ziegler’s plant, 1513 North Broad Street Lansdale, PA....

  • CitiBank Commercial HVAC & Plumbing

    Within an 11 week project schedule, GEM supplied and installed all HVAC units, duct work, condensation lines, louvers, grills, registers and diffusers. All control wiring...

  • Cooler Tower Replacement

    GEM Mechanical was responsible for the complete and proper cooling tower replacement and a new chiller installation on the roof‐top of this Condominium complex. Work incl...

  • PennDot Maintenance Building – New HVAC System

    GEM was responsible for the removing and disposing of the entire existing heating system, including all associated piping, controls, boiler, condensate unit, breeching, h...

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