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Saul High School – Mechanical Plant Replacement

Saul High School – Mechanical Plant Replacement

This Mechanical contract involved the replacement of boilers in the main building including the provision of hot water piping, fuel oil pump set, fuel oil monitoring equipment, water treatment, fuel piping, gas piping, water softeners and provision of HVAC instrumentation and controls. We removed the existing underground oil tank and installation of two new 10,000 gallon oil tanks and related monitoring equipment. New work also included the installation of boiler breeching through existing chimney, combustion air louvers, gas fired unit heaters, air handler, classroom unit ventilators, fan coil units, and replacement of Cooling tower with an air‐cooled chiller, pumps, glycol circulation loop and plate and frame heat exchanger. Cooling and heating component replacements were successfully completed during separate phases to ensure occupant use of the equipment for heating and cooling seasons.

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The School District of Philadelphia


Arora Engineers, Inc.



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