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Projects / K-12 / Henry Houston Elementary School – Boiler Replacement

Henry Houston Elementary School – Boiler Replacement

Henry Houston Elementary School – Boiler Replacement

This project was completed in 2007 at the Elementary School located at 7300Rural Lane, Philadelphia, PA. The work consisted of removing boilers foundations, part of associated piping for steam, boiler feed, cold water supply make-up, fuel-oil piping, chimney and all boiler appurtenances, required wiring, safety valves and controls of removed boilers in boiler room. GEM supplied and installed the new boilers, complete with dual-fuel burners, foundations, boiler trims including safety valves, burner control panels, part of steam boiler drain piping, wiring, and controls; pumps, piping, valves, fittings, specialties wiring instrumentation and controls; spare fuel-oil transfer pipe more. GEM was responsible for replacing and testing of combustion air dampers and controls. The supply and installation of new thermal insulation to boilers, breeching, and various equipment; including a new water softener, two chemical by-pass feeders, gas piping and controls were included in contract. GEM cleaned and painted the boiler and coal room as well as all existing piping and cast-iron valves. A new Direct Digital Control system including sensor and controllers were supplied and installed by GEM. Provisions of the DDC controls, valves, damper actuators, filters, and traps for auditorium air handler was complete. Finally, GEM cleaned the ductwork of the auditorium air-handler and removed & replaced the access door to fully complete the project. The work was coordinated with not only the School personnel to accommodate the students and teachers, but also with the community and Community leaders who used the school yard and school property.

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