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Feltonville Inermediate School - Mechanical Plant Replacement

Feltonville Inermediate School - Mechanical Plant Replacement

This project at 238 East Wyoming Avenue, Philadelphia included selective asbestos and lead paint abatement, the demolition, removal and proper disposal of selective mechanical systems and equipment, provisions for temporary heat, the construction of new equipment foundations, the installation of two new cast‐iron dual fuel‐fired boilers, new gas lines, new breeching to main chimney, new combustion air louvers and dampers, a new underground fuel oil storage tank and fuel piping with leak monitoring system. The project also included the installation of new controls and software for a fully integrated and fully expandable direct digital temperature control system, the removal and replacement of the boiler feed water receiver tank, replacement of two air handling systems located in the mechanical room, replacement of pumps and controls, new unit heaters, new radiator controls and steam traps, new steam/hydronic heat transfer package, the insulation of all new thermal systems and patching and painting of floors, walls and ceilings in all affected work areas.

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The School District of Philadelphia


Arora Engineers, Inc.



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