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Elverson Military Academy - Boiler Replacement & Asbestos Abatement

Elverson Military Academy - Boiler Replacement & Asbestos Abatement

This project at 2118 North 13th Street, Philadelphia included the demolition of existing boilers, incinerator and piping insulation which included asbestos abatement. The contract also covered the demolition of piping, valves, pumps, concrete pads of removed boilers and miscellaneous architectural items as required for the new work. New work included two new boilers, associated piping and devices, and replacement of the control valves at all existing radiator locations throughout the building. Additionally, GEM installed a new steel exit stair with handrails as well as concrete pads. A new wire mesh enclosure with gate was added in the coal room and new louvers at prior window locations. Close out work included interior painting and associated surface preparation. The customer was trained on the operation and maintenance of the new equipment.

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The School District of Philadelphia


Arora Engineers, Inc.



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