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Anna Shaw Middle School - Mechanical Plant Boiler Replacement

Anna Shaw Middle School - Mechanical Plant Boiler Replacement

The project included the demolition of existing pipes, valves, pumps, concrete pads of boilers and miscellaneous architectural items as required for the new work. The new work included the supply and installation of three new dual fuel‐fired boilers, associated piping and devices, and The removal and replacement of the control valves at all prior radiator locations throughout the building. Additionally, GEM Mechanical undertook concrete repairs and installed new concrete pads and a new steel exit staircase and handrails. The work included interior painting of existing boiler room, storage rooms, engine room and fan room floors, walls and ceilings. GEM supplied and installed new electric motors, starters, controls, dampers, louvers, valves and steam traps. Other work comprised of the filing and flushing of existing coils.

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