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Southwark Elementary School – Mechanical Plant Replacement

Southwark Elementary School – Mechanical Plant Replacement

This project included demolition of the existing piping, equipment, walls and floors. The existing brick floor was removed and a new concrete floor was installed. Concrete floor repairs and concrete pads for new equipment were installed. Interior painting of the fan rooms, incinerator room and boiler room was completed. Renovation of existing house-fans and new louvers in the existing bricked up window openings were installed along with a new exterior exit door with new stairs. Demolition and renovation of the existing chimney and provision of a new chimney liner/breeching was completed. Prep work was completed to allow for the provision of a new mechanical plant of three new cast iron steam boilers, boiler feed water unit, duplex condensate pumps, water softeners, associated piping and devices and replacement of the control valves and traps at all existing radiators, steam coils and cabinet unit heaters located throughout the building. Associated work included the provision of a new domestic water heater, duplex booster pumps, hot water pump, sump pumps, expansion tanks, piping, fittings, valves, hot water circulator, HVAC controls, under slab drain piping, and floor drains. Additionally, GEM was responsible for a new underground fuel oil tank, fuel oil pump set, and fuel oil monitoring equipment.

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The School District of Philadelphia


Brinjac Engineering, Inc.



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