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Samuel W. Pennypacker Elementary Mechanical Plant Replacement

Samuel W. Pennypacker Elementary Mechanical Plant Replacement

This Mechanical contract covered the demolition of existing boilers, water heater, piping, valves, pumps, and disposal of existing abandoned vaulted above grade oil storage tank. Asbestos abatement was conducted in various locations throughout the building. All fluids had to be drained down from the existing systems prior to demolition and disposal. New work included the installation of new boilers, piping, pumps, associated hydronic and steam piping, steam condensate piping, domestic water piping, tubing, wiring and devices, sump pumps and renovation of the boiler drain system. Additionally, a new 10,000 gallon underground oil tank was installed on the premises. The existing house air handler was retro‐fitted with new piping and the controls and the existing radiators throughout the building were fitted with new control valves. GEM supplied and installed new breeching for the new boilers to the main chimney and installed new chimney stack and stainless steel cap. Boilers were prepared and clean for their annual state inspection prior to the start of the heating season.

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The School District of Philadelphia


Arora Engineers, Inc.



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